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Beginners Guide to Using Magic Mushrooms

Beginners Guide to Using Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have for centuries been used for experiences ranging from euphoria to divine. Beginners need to be prepared. There are a few rules to make your first and subsequent trip an experience that makes you want to start over. The good thing is that they are available in various outlets.

You can buy magic mushrooms canada from online stores like Origin Mushrooms. Taking Magic Mushrooms is a unique experience. They have been consumed for decades in some regions to enhance psychic experiences and a divine connection.

However, as with all substances, especially those that are psychoactive, it is essential to have a responsible approach to the experience. As Timothy Leary said, “frame and frame of mind” play an essential role in the trips you take with shrooms. Here are some useful tips for beginners on what to do and expect when they start experimenting with psilocybin.

Be in a Relaxed and Confidence Environment

You should be inpsilocybe mushrooms a safe place, surrounded by people you trust. A bad trip or a “heavy” trip in an unfamiliar environment, alone or amid strangers, is the recipe for a bad experience. It is also highly recommended, especially for those new to magic truffles and mushrooms, to have a “keeper” during the whole trip. A sitter is a sober person who makes sure everything runs smoothly and puts anyone who trips at ease.

Prepare Yourself

Have water, juice, herbal teas, and a light snack on hand. The effects of magic mushrooms can stay between 3 and 6 hours. It is a good idea to eat something during this time, even if you are not hungry. You might have a hard time finding your way to the refrigerator, so make sure you have some food on hand.

Never Combine Shrooms With Other Mind-Altering Substances

Do not mix magic mushrooms with other psychoactive substances or drugs. The psychedelic feel you are going to have with shrooms is unlike any other experience you have had. Mixing them with other substances can cause a bad trip. Some users report that consuming a little cannabis can combat nausea that some feel at the start of the trip and help with the anxiety or panic caused by the trip. Do not do this unless you are an experienced shrub user.

Feel Good When You Start Tripping

Mushrooms heighten the spirits and emotional wellbeing you are in when you take them. If you don’t feel okay or you are depressed, risks will be much higher than having a difficult experience. Follow these simple tips to have an easy time using magic mushrooms.…